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June 30, 2008

A Clarification: John’s entry

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In my post “Arrival of New Volunteer” dated 26 June 2008, I wrote, “Microcredit loans for women already freighted with caring for many children seem like nonstarters to me.” A reader said in response that my statement is “a blanket denial” of loans from willing lenders to women with many children. In case others among you had this interpretation as well, I’d like to clarify here what I intended to communicate. A denial of loans is not what I meant, and I should have been more explicit rather than rely on the subtlety of writing about how things “seem to me.”  What I meant by the phrase “seem…to me” is that this is what I perceive, and I hoped that the reader would bear in mind as I do that not all is at it seems. In other words, I stated my mere perception knowing that it might be wrong. Instead of denying these loans, I am very supportive of women with many children who borrow money to start businesses even though what I have seen in the catchment area and Lundazi thus far — and what little I’ve seen certainly is not the full picture — gives me the perception that their existing responsibilities make their proposed endeavors nonstarters. I hope that they prove me wrong. If a willing lender took on the risk of loaning money to a mother already busy with many children, I would not try to dissuade them. I would be impressed with the can-do attitude of all those involved but skeptical of the prospect of success until proven otherwise. If her business endeavor succeeded, I would deferentially applaud her and the lender and try to find and understand the discrepancy between my perception and reality.


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